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Many were killed and injured in a terrorist attack on a concert in Moscow

Many were killed and injured in a terrorist attack on a concert in Moscow

– Unidentified persons opened fire in Crocus City Hall. The TASS news agency wrote that the evacuation was underway, while the RIA Novosti news agency reported injuries as a result of automatic rifle shooting.

Rhea writes that there was an explosion, that there was a huge fire that spread quickly during shooting at the concert venue, and that there were many wounded. Eyewitnesses told the media about many deaths, but there is no specific number.

At least 40 people were killed, Russia's FSB security service reported on Friday evening

Russian media reported that the gunmen fired several shots and threw explosives as people were lining up to attend a concert by the famous Russian band Picnic. Videos show up to four men shooting screaming people at close range.

There are no indications of who might be behind the attack, which is said to be the worst terrorist attack Russia has witnessed in two decades. But the United States says there is no indication that Ukraine is involved.

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Sobyanin canceled all events, including sporting and cultural events in Moscow over the weekend, and additional security measures were taken at airports and railway stations in Moscow.

Chaos and panic

TASS wrote that many people were still trapped in the burning building, but other media wrote that hundreds of people had been evacuated from the basement.

A third of the building caught fire, and pictures show that the entire roof was engulfed in flames.

Videos posted on social media show a state of chaos and panic in the place with gunfire ringing out, and lifeless people scattered in pools of blood outside. Kommersant newspaper shows a photo of a large cloud of smoke above the building.

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Riot police and special teams of the National Guard are deployed at the concert venue in Krasnogorsk in the western part of Moscow, which can accommodate 6,000 people. About fifty ambulances are also deployed in the area.

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Rhea writes that there was an explosion and that there was a large fire that spread quickly during the shooting at the concert venue. Photograph: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

USA: There is no indication of Ukraine's involvement

The White House reported that there are no indications of Ukrainian involvement in tonight's attack in Moscow.

There are currently no indications that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved in the shooting, says White House spokesman John Kirby.

It was not known who was behind the attack.

UD: There is no information about Norwegians on the site

– The Foreign Ministry is monitoring the situation at Crocus City Hall and is holding a dialogue with the embassy in Moscow, press officer Siri R. wrote. Svendsen at the State Department in an email to NTB.

– Our embassy in Moscow is working to get an overview of the situation and whether Norwegian citizens have been affected or not. “We have not yet received any information that could point to the latter,” she further wrote.

The mayor confirms his death

Moscow Region Mayor Andrei Vorobyov confirms that there have been deaths. He says it is a great tragedy, and is sending his thoughts to his closest relatives.

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US National Security Advisor John Kirby said the images of the attack were horrific.

The shooting comes a month after the US embassy warned of a possible terrorist attack in Moscow and asked Americans to stay away from crowded places.

President Vladimir Putin rejected the warning, describing it as a Western attempt to intimidate people.