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Marc Marquez Defeats Bagnaia in the Finish and Takes Pole at the Portuguese Grand Prix – MotoGP News

Marc Marquez Defeats Bagnaia in the Finish and Takes Pole at the Portuguese Grand Prix – MotoGP News

And we have the first first place Moto GP 2023 ID! Marc Marquez She flew in 1 minute 37 seconds 226 and knocked out the competition, with the timer already set to zero, to take the honorable place in the Sprint and GP race Portugal. Francesco Bagnaia The pole is lost at the end and it starts from the second position, and whoever completes the first row is the one Jorge Martin.

Miguel Oliveira and Jack Miller Complete top 5. Enya Bastiani Closed in sixth place ahead Maverick Viñales, Marco Bezzicki, Luca Marini and Johan Zarco.

Marc Marquez broke his own record in 1min 37sec 226 (Photo: Repsol)

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Fabio Quartaro He did not have a good classification and would only start from eleventh. Alex Espargarowho had problems with the RS-GP, finished 12th.

The new sprint race starts today, at 12 noon in Brasilia. Tomorrow is the Grand Prix Portugal in Moto GP It is scheduled for 10 am. a jackpot Follow all activities world Cup motorcycle speed.

Bezzecchi is driving the FP3. Bagnaia and Bastianini suffer a fall

a Moto GP Had the opportunity to enjoy 30 minutes of free practice 3, in accordance with the new class regulations for 2023, in a mild climate. When the session began, the recorded and track air temperatures were respectively 22°C and 30°C. The air humidity was 63% and the wind speed was 5 km/h.

The last adjustments can be made by teams aiming for a sprint race, which will be the big news for the premier class this season. And based on the performance in FP3, Italian Marco Bezzecchi comes in to try pole position.

A message to Pol Espargaró, who had a very serious accident yesterday and is recovering (Photo: MotoGP)

The session began with a crash. When the moto was still leaving on the first lap, Lucas Marini crashed in sector three and blocked Alex Marquez’s lap.

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The one who started training well is Fabio Quartaro. He was the first to lower the time to 1:39 on his second attempt. Soon after, with 24 minutes to go, the French Yamaha rider was also the first to lower the time to 1 minute 38 seconds 726, which ended up being his best time of the session.

This is when Bezzechi started to show, with just over 22 minutes remaining, when he closed in on Quartararo with a distance of 1m38s849. On the next lap, he took the lead with a lap of 1min 38sec 577. From the struggle for the lead, Alex Marquez, with a metric of 1m38s872, and Maverick Viñales, with a lap of 1min 38sec 990, started a secondary battle for third place. By the way, Aprilia No. 12 drew attention with its lap and speed, which exceeded 346 km / h.

Pecco Bagnaia was fearless in the last FP3 part of MotoGP at Portimão (Video: Clone/MotoGP)

Defending world champion Francesco Bagnaia struggled. His best time came 8 minutes from the end, with a distance of 1min 38sec 803, but he was still a long way behind Betsichi and Quartararo.

Incidentally, Ducati was responsible for two other crashes seen in FP3. With just over 7 minutes left in the session, Enea Bastianini lost control of Desmosedici and slid at Turn 5. A short time later, it was Bagnaia’s turn to crash, at Turn 1, surprising for the unusual error.

It wasn’t just the control of the motorcycle that Pecco lost. Aleix Espargaro, with 5 minutes to go, stole third place from the Italian with a time of 1m38s801, capping off a good session for Aprilia. Host Miguel Oliveira also had a good time driving the builder’s RS-GP: 1m38s862, finishing fifth.

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The only person who tried something different in the final laps was Marc Marquez, who popped on the hard tires up front, while all those who stood out in the session were the mids at the front and the intermediates or hardcores at the back. But it didn’t work out for the Honda rider, who closed in 16th and didn’t even threaten the lead and Petsici’s good session.

Q1: Marc Marquez and Miguel Oliveira secured places in Q2

With 15 minutes to go, Franco Morbidelli, Raul Fernandez, Takaaki Nakagami, Brad Bender, Joan Mir, Augusto Fernandez, Alex Raines, Fabio Di Gianantonio, Alex Marquez, Miguel Oliveira and Marc Marquez battle it out for the last two spots for the final part of the classification.

The first to take the lead was the six-time Division 1 champion, with a 1 minute 37 second 675. The weather in Portimao on Saturday was much better: sunny and dry track. Honda had even then held the top two, with Mir 0s389 behind his teammate.

Márquez in Q1 (Video: MotoGP)

But Miguel Oliveira beat the 2020 champion by 1min 37sec 975 trailing Marc by 0s3. The distance between #93 and 11th was 1s312.

With two minutes left in the match, Márquez and Oliveira continued to work the open positions and at the same times. Binder even tried, but only moved to fourth place. The one who replaced the Portuguese pilot was Alex Marquez with a difference of 1 minute 37 seconds 970 minutes.

Only Oliveira fought. So, Marc Marquez and Oliveira, Honda and RNF, get the last two places.

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Q2: Marc Marquez takes the pole and beats his own record at Portimao

12 riders are fighting for the first position which is fit for the sprint and also for tomorrow’s main race. They are: Francesco Bagnaia, Johan Zarco, Luca Marini, Maverick Viñales, Fabio Quartararo, Ina Bastianini, Alex Espargaro, Jack Miller, Marco Pesicchi, Jorge Martin, as well as Oliveira and Marquez.

Miller took the lead at 1 minute, 37 seconds, 549 minutes and was trailed by Aprilia de Espargaro and Vinales. She even set a new record. Bagnaia jumped to second next, 0s442 behind his former teammate.

Alex ends up retreating to the escape zone, apparently having problems. Quartararo emerged and went into third place, 0s471 behind the leader. Bagnaia, in second place, closed the gap at 156 0s. However, Jorge Martin held Miller’s time off by 1 minute, 37 seconds, 630 minutes, 0 seconds 081 behind.

Quartararo left crestfallen (Video: MotoGP)

Three minutes before the end of the match, Miller went to the floor, giving his opponents a greater chance. And Vinales fell behind, only 0s049 behind. There was no other way around: the defending champion beat the Australian’s time by 1 minute 37 seconds 290 minutes, taking the provisional pole and setting a new track record.

Martin jumped to second place, still 164 0s behind Pecco. However, with the checkered flag, everything changed: Marc Marquez flew out and won the title (as well as setting a new world record time)! 0s064 was ahead of Pecco. Martin also participates in the front row.

MotoGP 2023, Portugal, Portimao, Standings:

1 M Marquis Honda 1:37226
two F Bagnia Ducati 1:37290 +0.064
3 J Martin Ducati’s Pramac 1:37,454 +0.228.00 SAR
4 M Oliveira RNF APRILIA 1:37,521 +0.295
5 J Miller KTM 1:37,549 +0.323
6 and Bastianini Ducati 1:37,584 +0.358
7 M VIÑALES Aprilia 1:37,598 +0.372.0000
8 m bezicchi VR46 1:37,616 +0390
9 El Marini VR46 1:37,622 +0.396
10 J ZARCO Ducati’s Pramac 1:37880 +0.654
11 Wow Quarter Yamaha 1:37920 +0.694.0000
12 Asperger Aprilia 1:38,116 +0890
13 Á Marquis Ducati Grisini 1:37970 +0.744
14 J Mir Honda 1:38,064 +0838
15 B Binder KTM 1:38,105 +0,879
16 kidneys Honda LCR 1:38,133 +0.907
17 P Morbidelli Yamaha 1:38,335 +1109
18 T Nakagami Honda LCR 1:38,439 +1,213
19 Fernandez Gas gas 1:38,464 +1,238
20 R Fernandez RNF APRILIA 1:38,492 +1,266
21 F DI GIANNANTONIO Ducati Grisini 1:38,778 +1,552

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