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Marco Costa and March 19: “I do not have my father, whom I miss a lot, but on the other hand I am a father”

in the SIC Mulher Program what’s up! television On Friday, March 17th Marco Costa was in conversation with Caring for Carolina And he spoke about the father.

“I was 18, and my dad was 50. My dad was young, and he left because life wanted him to. I’ve always wanted to try to have a relationship with a son, like the one I have with my dad. And I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen.”He began saying. Remember that Antonio Costa He died in 2008, after contracting bronchopneumonia.

“I’m very sorry [que o meu pai não venha a conhecer a minha filha]. March 19th is the first day I will become a father, I never know how it will be – to celebrate or not to celebrate … because I do not have my father, whom I miss very much, but on the one hand, I am a father. I don’t know how it will be, what I will feelHe said. Remember that Marco Costa and Carolina Pinto welcomed Maria Emilia On January 22nd.

Father, overcoming figure and role model for Marco Costa

In spite of everything, the pastry chef believes that the father is “there” I am looking for you. I have many things that could have gone wrong in my life and this person – and I think it was him – wouldn’t let it go wrong. He was guiding me. Many situations where everything could have gone well and ended up just fine.”I confess.

Finally, he talked about his relationship with his father: He was not a father present in his life at an early stage. In this last phase I worked with him, we were together every day, I lived with him and I was really very present. but Throughout my father’s history, he has been a figure in overcoming challenges and an example to me.

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