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Marco Costa fulfills the dream and buys a luxury car: "years of work"

Marco Costa fulfills the dream and buys a luxury car: “years of work”

“Another dream come true!”: in this way Marco Costa gave great news to his followers of social networks. The famous pastry chef fulfilled his dream of buying a Porsche as he described it.

“I remember when my mother had an Opel Corsa (very old), my father did not have a car, but he had a friend, Antonio, who lent him a yellow Porsche 911 … The car was beautiful believe me! ”, he begins.

“That would stop Pontinha school whenever my dad took me! At the time I was lying, saying the car belonged to my dad, just to feel good! (It seems that when I was a kid it was only natural that I wanted to assert ourselves in front of society) though it didn’t Wasn’t the healthiest thing, he did it with a smile on his lips!”, he continues.

‘I said to myself ‘One day I will have my own Porsche!’ I don’t know if it will be 911, but I will! It took many years of work, to put together the dream and today it came! The choice was to think of a family that would grow“, Confirms.

I know it’s just a car for many of you,
I also know that for many this would be mere absurdity,
I know that’s what matters to me to many others
I will be an inspiration!

Whatever your dream is, from the smallest to the largest
fight for it! Believe and work and do not stop dreaming! Today I will scream until my father hears! Daddy pays! It’s ours! “

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