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Marco Costa is the target of new (and harsh) criticism for his attitude toward Bruna Gomez: "Really offensive!"

Marco Costa is the target of new (and harsh) criticism for his attitude toward Bruna Gomez: “Really offensive!”

Marco Costa is once again “shooting” at the home of older brother Vamosos. On Wednesday, April 6, Halawani’s position once again sparked intense criticism from followers reality show on Twitter.

As he was preparing to be replaced by Bruna Gomez in the weekly test, which consists of holding two skeletons in his arms, Marco Costa asked the influencer to repeat a certain situation: “Can I come again just for you to leave like this, only to feel it again“.

Bruna Gomez quickly realized that she would have to give him a backrest, and as soon as she did, Marco Costa replied: “this is very good!While he was “satisfied,” the baker ended up ignoring the warning given by Vanessa Silva:Marco, whoever leaves must leave, you know that?“.

Attentive to all episodes of the program, the followers did not forgive this position of Marco Costa: “He’s a pig and she herself, supporting all the bullying provocations of Bernardo, Bruna only fools are fools now“,”I think the problem here is violating the rules of the competition, so the leader“,”The problem is that he says it’s too good to feel behind Bruna. Almost everything has sexual connotationsHere are some of the comments to read.

“Just to feel it again” was what he said? I swear this disgusts me! Everything he’s ever said in a group may also slow everything down, which no longer has any effect.“or”Don’t you see the production? It won’t be time to warn Marquinho of TVI, who is already offended! It is very disrespectful!Netizens warned.

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