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Marco Costa releases moments of stress and exhaustion: "Alone in the factory in an endless scream!"  - National

Marco Costa releases moments of stress and exhaustion: “Alone in the factory in an endless scream!” – National

Marco Costa Venting to his followers, taking advantage of a break in his work to write a poetic text, Posted on social media. Al-Khabbaz, also known for his participation in reality TV shows, did not hide his emotions, before gaining the strength to go on with his day.

“I find myself surrounded by cake exploding, I look at the clock and I am late! It looks like the head wants to explode. Tears started falling, I can’t believe I let myself hold them so long after my escape. Depression, or a breakdown, happened to me, I try to keep moving, but my body prevented it! I just want to give up but the pressure won’t let me! After all, I’m Marco, the superman of the family, the one who never complains! ‘, he began to write.

“A man trembling, heart aches when striking, and my eyes do not lie, what is happening to me? I’m trying to make sure I’m not missing out on anything, but now I’m missing out! Alone in the factory in an endless cry! It is not easy to be the captain, the one that everyone follows, you must always be good, so that they do not despair! As I write, my heart calms down and I feel like I’m back to normal. I suspect; I have to stop before I end up in a hospital bed! “

In the end, his words reflect a change in his mental state, due to writing positively: “This break has benefited me! It helped me so much in writing and venting, in my mind I hear my father: ‘It is time for Pura Kido to work and you must go on!’” ” This is it! Follow, sometimes very weak. I don’t think I’m the strongest at all! The difference is not in feeling sick or not, but in not giving up! Stick to the position! we are together “.

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