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Marco Costa

Marco Costa talks about Vanessa Martins’ new relationship

Photo: Marco Costa’s Instagram

Marco Costa spoke about the new flirtation of ex-boyfriend Vanessa Martins. The pastry chef was delighted with the digital influencer relationship.

The entrepreneur has also allowed his followers to ask questions through InstaStories, a tool for the social media network Instagram. Faced with the question about flirting with the new ex-wife, Marco Costa answered without fear.

“I have no idea. But as I know she wants the best for me, I only want the best for her. I hope you are so happy.”

In light of the photos still on his profile, since he was with Vanessa Martins, the pastry chef made it clear that “memories” are indelible.

“Since the pictures are deleted from my profile, they do not erase the memories of something that happened in my life! And even if it ends it is very good! He said:” Life does not go out, on the contrary, we are moving forward.

The former spouses announced Separation On social networks. “Despite all the affection they have given us over these nearly seven years, Vanessa and I would like to inform us that we are divorced. […] Life as a couple only makes sense when we are happy, and even though the love affair between us has ended, the friendship and memories we have created will be eternal. As we have always said: We will be together so that we can be happy. The end is not synonymous with sadness but with a new principle. After all, love is this too, “they wrote at the time.

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