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Marco Costa's fiancée explains: “There is a father on the other side”

Marco Costa's fiancée explains: “There is a father on the other side”

Find out what prompted Carolina Pinto to open her heart on social media.

On vacation with Marco Costa and their daughter Maria Emilia in Dubai, Carolina Pinto She has been questioned by followers about her son Vicente as a result of a previous relationship. Some are asking about the baby, others are wondering why the digital influencer didn't take him.

In the face of this situation, the well-known pastry chef’s fiancée decided to respond to one of her followers, by sharing it on her personal page, to answer everyone who had this question.

The letter said, “Why didn't Vicente leave?”

“Because it was Father's Week, because we didn't want to change the routine, because he has school and he's a sophomore, and in one week, he would miss a lot of content and because I also knew that he wasn't like that.” A destination he will greatly enjoy. He hates the beach and hates walking. He will be upset about what we have already walked on foot. So it wasn't a destination I felt sorry for not bringing. Absolutely. In fact, I won't bring anything. Mimi came because she is a baby and because she is still breastfeeding. Otherwise I would have been returned to my mother with a mole. I hope I have made it clear to everyone who asked me this question,” Carolina Pinto began to respond.

“And people, I will explain to you why this is likely to happen more often. When we have a child from a previous relationship, as is the case with me, there is a father on the other side, with whom I live.” I share custody of Vicente and with whom I discuss what is best. For him and what is not best for him. And that's the way it goes. It won't always be convenient for me to be with them on vacation (except summer vacation) and that's okay. It's part of life,” he concluded.

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Now see the photo shared by the digital influencer.