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Marco Horacio reveals the details of the wedding: “We were rehearsing for several months”

Marco Horacio reveals the details of the wedding: “We were rehearsing for several months”

On August 14, Marco Horacio that it Sarah Biscaia They got married civilly and on Saturday, September 30, celebrated their marriage with a wedding ceremony among family and friends. A day later, the couple came The 27th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony He revealed some details of this special day.

Marco Horacio has already married Sarah Biscaia: “Finally I’m married” [FELIZ]”

“It was wonderful, it was perfect. I usually say that I didn’t know that happiness was tiring, because we were so happy that we actually ended up tired of so much happiness. So much love around us. Being with friends, with… People who loved us, along with the whole family was incredible. The bride and groom’s dance was amazing, we rehearsed it for monthsThe comedian started by saying and added: “From the lifts, the diverse choreography, the diverse dance styles, to the funk, seeing Sarah live.”.

Friends and family together for the first time

Marco Horacio then provided some details: “It was so much more than we imagined. 140 guests and everyone seemed to know each other. It was peaceful, great harmony. There were no dead moments, people were having fun, letting loose. It was very important for us to see friends and family together for the first time. And it harmonizes well too..

“The entertainment was done by the guests. I said, ‘So if I have friends I know who have talent, they’ll be the ones to do the animation.'” ago StoneMarco singing fado, and branchesor Carlos Vidal Doing standing. Rocha always speaks highly of me, of course. I’m playing Rouxinol Faduncho. “We had a little bit of everything.”she continued.

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After the wedding, Marco Horacio leaves for the “original” honeymoon

We wanted it to be, above all, a day as simple as ours. We also only had one photographer who is a friend of ours, and we had something very familiar and very inclusive. But get ready, there are amazing photos and videos.”He finished.

Remember that the spouses have a common daughter: Maria LeonorOne year.