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Marco Rossi: We played smart and careful

Marco Rossi is proud of his players who defeated the Polish national team 2: 1.

The coach of the Hungarian football team Marco Rossi did not hide his satisfaction after the 2-1 win over Poland in Warsaw. – Poland played bravely, it was clear she wanted to win, she had an advantage. You have players with the highest technical level. But we played very carefully, accurately, tactfully and cleverly. As always, we were very motivated. My players take pride in wearing the shirts of the Hungarian national team.

– Without this massive motivation and excellent commitment we would not have scored one point at Wembley and three points at Warsaw. If Poland need a win here to play in the play-offs, Robert Lewandowski will play. Knowing that makes a difference on the pitch. Without him there would be no benefit to that team. With Poland having play-offs, it seems to me that Bayern Munich may have put some pressure on releasing this player today. However I believe all the matches of the national team are important – said.

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– We are very happy with the way our players played. I would like to thank the Polish fans who created a great atmosphere today. We need to keep our feet on the ground and grow from game to game. Do it with full humility and respect for your competitors. Of course, we are not completely satisfied when we shorten 2021. I did not expect two defeats with Albania. Without them, our assessment this year would have been different – he concluded.

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