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Marek Suzuki responds to Donald Duskin's words.  "I think he is ignorant" |  Policy

Marek Suzuki responds to Donald Duskin’s words. “I think he is ignorant” | Policy

Donald Dusk met with the people of Godab (Vermia-Mussoorie Province) on Tuesday. Former Prime Minister Marshall Elliptical Wytech has called the resumption of the vote on the adjournment of the Sezmin session “completely fraudulent and fraudulent.”

– This falsification, first the result of the vote, the so-called reconsideration, and then the face-to-face lie that the solution recommended by the five lawyers. (…) Marshall Whitteck has committed a crime. It’s not about any state tribunal, but it’s a criminal offense – Dusk said.

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Putka to Wytech: The attorney’s office is already investigating your case

Suzuki: Marshall Wytech was obliged to do a review

Marek Suzuki aired Donald Duskin’s report DVB Info. – If someone calls it a crime to reconsider voting in accordance with the procedure described in the rules of the SEZ, I think he is ignorant if he uses such harsh words – said Suzuki.

Govin: “Brutal and blind forces will never win freedom”

PiS MP, there is no point in Sage’s law that it will not allow Elliptical Wide to vote again in the referendum. – Marshall was obliged to hold a referendum – he insisted.

Suzuki also spoke about the opposition’s initiative to oust Elipheda Wytek as Speaker of the Siege. According to the PiS politician, this is an act of slander-based frustration. “It’s a normal political frenzy,” Suzuki said.

Videk ordered that the lost vote be repeated. Opposition parties are demanding punishment

On Wednesday, August 11, Marshall Ellipeda Wytech ordered a reconsideration of the vote to adjourn the SEZ session until September 2, during which “Lex TVN” was scheduled to handle. At first, the opposition won the referendum, but after another referendum, the motion was rejected. The reshuffle of the ballot later allowed “Lex TVN” to be accepted below.

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Widek explained that he consulted five attorneys before ordering a reassessment. However, a week later, it was revealed that the comments were given in 2018 and related to other votes. The opposition has already submitted Attorney’s Office Notice of the possibility of committing a crime. Politicians accuse Elipida Wytech of abuse of power by an official.

Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. According to the “Gazeta Wyborcza” unofficially, either Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz or Piotr Zgorzelski from the PSL will be the opposition’s candidate for Marshall of the Sezmin. All opposition groups are participating in talks on the appointment of a new Sezm Marshal.

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