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Margarida Castro in a public domestic violence case: “I lied in court…” – Big Brother

Margarida Castro in a public domestic violence case: “I lied in court…” – Big Brother

On Friday, May 31, Margarida Castro joined Manuel Luis GochaThis was on the “Ghosheh” program to talk face to face after his expulsion last Sunday. The former competitor took stock of her time on the show. In a long conversation with the broadcaster, the former competitor did not leave anything unsaid about the game and her dramatic life outside the home. Discover and watch everything that was said in this article…

Margarida Castro, 26, was born in Lisbon, but has always lived in Melharado, in Mafra, with a great connection to the countryside. On Big Brother, she made Curva da Vida and today, on Goucha, we got to know the young woman better. Margarida Castro began talking to the broadcaster about her childhood memories with her family. In the middle of the conversation, Margarida Castro made a statement that left Manuel Luis Gocha astonished: “My life has not yet turned….” See what was said here:

At the age of 12, the former competitor's parents decided to separate. In this regard, Margarida says: “I never thought (…) My mother even tried to convince me to see a psychiatrist because that might have repercussions on my life.” His childhood was marked by the divorce of his maternal grandparents, and then his parents. This second led to the separation between father and daughter. For two years, Margarida did not speak to her father because she felt that her father had destroyed her family. He has a very close relationship with his brother Pedro.

About the love life of Margarida Castro, Manuel Luis Gocha talks to the young woman about the different relationships she has had since she was sixteen years old. The first relationship was peaceful: “He was at peace (…) but it was early (…) I was fed up. “I wanted to be free.” From the age of twenty, love became something more tragic in Margarida Castro's life.

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One of the most memorable moments for former rival Curva da Vida was Revealing that the young woman lived in an abusive relationship and was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Who he lived with: «I fell in love with a person I created in my head, because in the end this person does not exist (…) He began to reveal himself and I continued to believe that “it would be different” (…) I did not take it seriously because I thought that “One of those things that we think will never happen to us (…) You can't forgive.”

Ghosheh responds: “A slap is not an act of love. “It is an act of aggression.” Margarida Castro reported the incident to the authorities when she feared for her life: “I had no idea that it was a complaint that could not be withdrawn and that it was a public crime (…) I filed a complaint when the attacks happened that left me scarred. “I was exhausted.” The competitor ended up in a room without eating and with blood running from her nose from the attacker.

He later excused his partner and lied in court about the statement he had made: “I thought he would change.”

After resuming the relationship, Margarida was attacked again and found it difficult to complain again. At the time, he shared on social media the signs of assault on his body and videos recorded by his partner attacking his partner. She broke free from the relationship and her ex-boyfriend was arrested, which continues to this day: “He was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison, which reassured me a lot (…) I thought nothing would happen because I lied in court.”

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Margarida joined Big Brother with the aim of sharing her story and helping other women learn how to deal with domestic violence, as well as the dream of winning the prize so that her mother could return to Portugal, where she immigrated from nine years ago.