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Margarida Corsero announces the news: "I still can't believe it!"

Margarida Corsero announces the news: “I still can’t believe it!”

Actress Margarida Corsero was thrilled to share on social networks. Instagram followers were not indifferent.

Margarida Corchero Going through a happy phase, professionally: As I shared, on Instagram, an actress, 18, is the cover of the latest edition of Women’s health Portugal.

Presenting two copies of the magazine’s cover, Margarida Corsero was overjoyed, despite this achievement: “It still isn’t true! Too much happiness does not fit my heart. It is so good to be a part of this project of energies and of emphasizing the importance of well-being.” You already know that everything I do is based on balance! I’ve always tried to listen to my body and do whatever makes me feel good! It’s impossible not to do anything, but I also know it’s only because I balance and exercise.”

“I still can’t believe they made a special limited edition, with only 2,000 covers across the country. I don’t know which is more special, to me, I just know my heart is so warm right now,” he added. , still, girlfriend John Felix.

In the comment boxes, praise for Margarida Corsero doubled. “you are excellent”; It can read ‘What a blast’ and ‘You are really special’.

Now see some of the best photos of Margarida Corceiro, in the photo galleries we have prepared for you.

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