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Margarida Corsero's ex-boyfriend denies responsibility for sharing intimate photos of the actress: "I am a victim of threats and insults" - Nacional

Margarida Corsero’s ex-boyfriend denies responsibility for sharing intimate photos of the actress: “I am a victim of threats and insults” – Nacional

Bernardo Bernardino, ex-boyfriend of Margarida Corsero, The accusations he was responsible for In posting allegedly intimate photos of the actress, they were shared without her consent on the internet.

Via social media, the young man gave his copy: “I want to make it clear, as I think everyone knows, that I dated Maguy a few years ago, from which I have always kept a lot of affection and friendship. When we decided to stop being lovers, we continued to be friends. Recently, we were partying together at S. José, we were fine and without any issues,” he began by saying about the 20-year-old futsal player on Instagram stories.

“What they did to Maggie is disgrace and I understand she is having a bad time. However, this situation dragged me into a situation I was not expecting. I am also a victim of threats and insults all over social media. I myself want justice to be served, for the truth to emerge And that the person who did it and who stands behind a cell phone or computer laughing at everything that is happening to me and the main victim, bears responsibility for the inconvenience it causes to both parties.”

I actually had the opportunity to tell you that it had nothing to do with me posting this photo. She knows me and she should have known that I wouldn’t post anything that would hurt her. As for people who insult and slander me without evidence, they should be ashamed to speak in this way about someone they don’t know at all. As for the people who used my face and my name in accusing me, I am just saying that I will ask them to answer it in court,” he asserted, adding, “This whole situation is causing me psychological problems with my family.” With my friends and professionally. So thank you once and for all for stopping by About showing my face and my name with accusations about something I didn’t do,” he concluded.

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