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María Botelho Muñiz breaks down in tears and breaks her silence over the controversy

Live on TVI, presenter Maria Botelho Moniz was surprised by Claudio Ramos and ended up talking about the controversial Alexandre Paes affair.

In the final segment of Monday’s broadcast, the third of Two at Ten, Maria Botelho Muniz I was surprised to be handed a bouquet of flowers.

The presenter, who was targeted in a controversial opinion piece signed by Alexander Paes, was soon in tears. “You are very bastards,” she began with the reaction of María Botelho Muñiz, referring to the surprise prepared by the TVI Sabah team.

Next, the caller read the card that came with the flower bouquet. Claudio Ramos, who presents “Dois às 10” with Maria Botelho Moniz, wrote, “For Maria, the overture that fits my measurements and that fills the void in the heart of those who see us. A little kiss from Cláudio”, in that he is currently on vacation.

Visibly moved, Maria Botelho Muñiz said, “Love, I’ve been here trying not to talk… Thank you Claudio and thank all the people who sent me beautiful messages today. A big kiss. See you tomorrow.”

Titled “Image is Everything”, The opinion article deals with the physical form of María Botelho Muñiz and Cristina Ferreiraand even compare it with other bidders. On the one hand, if the hostess of “Two at 10” is described as a “nice woman but strong, inclined to be overweight”, the face of “O Triângulo” is highlighted because “the arms have been taken by the sagging of time and the lack of a gym”.

See now in the galleries that we have prepared for you the best photos of María Botelho Muñiz and Cristina Ferreira.

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