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Maria Botelho Muniz shares a rare photo with her boyfriend and remembers her father

Maria Botelho Muniz shares a rare photo with her boyfriend and remembers her father

MAria Botelho Muniz has taken advantage of social media to share a special dream she launched at dawn on Saturday, which she believes was a “visit” from her father, who died suddenly in 2018.

“I was younger and had whiter teeth. Are we eternity in our best version? God willing, this way I will appear in my children’s dreams at 21 years old and with a small athletic body. I was so excited, she told me I was going to live in São Paulo, I was going to become the president of a new airline , Delta Plus.My dad had a college license and at one time loved to fly but never worked with planes.Maybe that was his way of talking I need to travel but to be wary of the virus.He was taking my mum with him and was thinking of buying an all-glass penthouse with City view. I thought it was a great idea, of course. He asked if he was happy, and he smiled and said, “I, is that you?” – “Very” – I replied. He smiled big and disappeared.

The presenter said the dream, commenting on a photo of her holding hands with her boyfriend, Pedro Bianchi Prata, who was by her side when she woke up from the dream.

“It was 5:39 am and I woke up with a smile on my face with tears in my eyes. Pedro next to me asked what was wrong, I told him about my dream and I ended up saying I thought he had come to visit me. Eyes thinking why the hell my father would have chosen to say he was going to Brazil, But even before I slept there was a light. Next stop was my brother Joao, who lives in São Paulo, the city where my father in my dreams would have an all-glass penthouse.”

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