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Maria Botelho Muniz's friend says goodbye to Canobanheira: "It leaves a lot of nostalgia..."

Maria Botelho Muniz’s friend says goodbye to Canobanheira: “It leaves a lot of nostalgia…”

Pedro Bianchi Prata took to Instagram on August 16 to reveal the death of his dog a day after the couple returned from vacation.

A friend of Maria Botelho Moniz did not hide his sadness at the departure of the Kavkaz Center, and showed his disgust: “Today I appeared dead at the gate of my house…. The cause of death is unknown… but if I find out that it is abnormal… I won’t rest until I find out who is responsible 😑,” It can be read. “I am heartbroken… I lost my best friend… the one who knew she would never let me downadded the pilot.

On Thursday, August 26, Pedro Bianchi Prata took to Instagram to reveal that he said goodbye to the dog: “Today was KC’s farewell day surrounded by those who loved her and who never got tired of asking for rewards and games,” Start writing.

“Alice_prata_dias is the one who gave him the name of the secret agent. She’s been a companion on the catarinabianchiprata walks or on the trails of @miguelpratask8 in snacks from @mariaaugustabaguiar always treated very well by #Joaquina and takes care of @jorgeferreira1996’s arrival every morning”, it can still be read.

“I miss you so much with every passing minute and you’ll rest forever here by my side”The pilot concluded.

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