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Maria Botillo Muniz says an emotional farewell: 'It's been 15 years'

Maria Botillo Muniz says an emotional farewell: ‘It’s been 15 years’

Through social networks, presenter Maria Botelho Muniz shared a passionate text that did not leave her followers indifferent.

Last Friday, the 30th, was especially emotional Maria Botelho Muniz: a Presenter He said goodbye to the car he had accompanied for 15 years.

“Yesterday, I said goodbye to Cindy, my 15-year-old car. It was a gift from my dad, when I got back from the USA. I wanted it to be safe, because it wouldn’t. Stop for a second at the same spot. Hundreds of castings. I will never forget the nerves I had when we first entered the parking lot to record our first TV series. Inside, I passed out loud texts, celebrated victories and cried defeats,” she began by calling Maria Botelho Muniz, commenting in a photo of her with the car.

The spokeswoman confirmed that, with this car, she experienced both happy and sad moments: “We traveled the country from one end to the other, filled with dust at festivals, made countless rides, listened to loud music and was reflected in deep silence. Many decisions have been made here. . , some changed the direction of my way. I had so much laughing at this wheel and cried so much, so much, inside that little place which, so often, is the only place you can collapse without giving any account to anyone.”

“For many, this Mail It will look silly. It’s just a car. But it’s been 15 years, damn it. It got me in my hands when I was 22 and I had all the dreams in the world. Today, I am 37 years old and my feet are firmly planted on the ground. Thank you Cindy for so many memories. I hope to meet you one day on the road and see you make someone else happy,” continued Maria Botelho Muniz.

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Now see the photo of Maria Botelho Muniz with her car in the gallery that we have prepared for you.