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Maria Sampaio vents: “We can’t wait another minute!”

Maria Sampaio vents: “We can’t wait another minute!”

Using Instagram, actress Maria Sampaio left a warning to all her followers.

Many celebrities expressed awareness on social media of the repercussions of the current war in the Gaza Strip.

For example, Maria Sampaio He left an emotional message calling for a ceasefire. “We cannot wait another minute! Stop this genocide now! This is a war against children! More than 3,500 children have died in 21 days! Others have lost entire families, others are being amputated without anesthesia. There are children who write their names on their limbs so that if they are bombed, they will be left in pieces.” Their parents will recognize them, and those who do not die from the attacks die from dehydration or hunger, and now the Internet and communication with the outside world have been cut off, they can no longer do so. Show the horror and massacre they are exposed to every day!”, the actress began chanting.

He added: “Forget your political ideologies and just think about saving innocent lives! Who can live and watch all this without wanting it to end? We cannot ignore what is happening! Genocide is happening in real time. We cannot look aside!”

“Pray for Gaza! Pray for the Congo! Pray for all the innocent people in this world who are suffering! For Israel too! All lives matter! We cannot be afraid to ask them to save these people!”, Maria Sampaio emphasized in her speech At the conference. End of message.

Paolo Ventem, Vera Kolodziej that it Dania Neto Other public figures have taken to social media to express their dismay at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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