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Maria Vieira comments on Ricardo Raposo's appearance at the Golden Globes

Maria Vieira comments on Ricardo Raposo’s appearance at the Golden Globes

NSAria Vieira used her Facebook page to comment on the appearance of Ricardo Raposo, son of Maria Joao Abreu, at the 25th Golden Globes gala last Sunday.

This is because the actor appeared on stage to receive the award for best actress in fiction given to his mother in a pink dress and makeup.

Maria Vieira wrote: “I was told this was Sunday night on TV!!! He says it’s progressive! But the vast majority of people who have seen this all say it’s just opportunistic, show-off, seal and poor-spirited.”

Posted by Maria Vieira© facebook clone

It is worth noting that Ricardo Raposo took the podium in the company of his brother Miguel and Joao Soares, the widower of Maria Joao Abreu.

Following Maria Vieira’s comment, Joao Soares posted on social media where he dedicated words of deep affection and admiration to them: “ […] I admire you very much in the arts and in life. For the courage to be who you are. To defend everything they believe in. And for their elegant and clever way of doing so. I will be your shield whenever you need it. Thank you for being who you are. Change, never! We are together. We’ll be together. Start. I love you, Miguel and Ricardo.”

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