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Maria Vieira "defeats" "Big Brother Famosos": "Television Trash Can..."

Maria Vieira “defeats” “Big Brother Famosos”: “Television Trash Can…”

Maria Vieira used social media to comment on the new “Big Brother Famosos”, which will be launching soon on TVI. The actress started revealing that “The news bothers you” About this type of format:

“(…) I react in the same way, i.e. I kill it by clicking on the “lack of quality” option, hoping that you will not be bothered by similar garbage again”, I confess.

Maria Vieira announced that on Monday, December 13, she again encountered a post about the new reality show TVI and offered her honest opinion about it:

But today I am being notified again, this time about this utterly horrible and frustrating thing about ‘Big Brother Famous’. And unintentionally until fI found out that people who are invited to poke their heads in this TV trash can will get between 500 and 1500 euros for destroying their own life!!! “, have found.

“abyss” In the form and in the fact that some people were involved, Maria Vieira ended, leaving them some criticism:

“I admit that I was appalled that someone was so desperate that he would be able to accept this miserable money to do something I wouldn’t do even if they gave me a million euros a day and found again The human misery that took over Portugal And those who were or were “famous” and who will now undergo crawling in the mud of cloth for half a dozen pennies! Oh Portugal, Portugal…”, He said.