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Maria Vieira goes to attack Petit Faria to defend Bolsonaro - Nacional

Maria Vieira goes to attack Petit Faria to defend Bolsonaro – Nacional

this lady [Betty] She is another old millionaire (her words) who pretends to care for the poor and slum dwellers of Brazil But who does not distribute millions to them or live in his luxurious apartment in Leblon! The problem for her and many like her is that the current Brazilian government has cut off the financing of televisions (particularly TV Globo) from public funds and ended with the Ruanet Act, which served the “nice system entertainers” to take care of the tax money that Instead of being used in the areas of health, education and security, they ended up in the bottomless pocket as usual!“He also noted, without thinking about the crisis in the Brazilian health system due to the pandemic. Brazil already has more than 516,000 deaths due to COVID-19.” Well, the ‘mamata’ is over and now, who wants to do that the pieces no one sees, the boring cinema with a Marxist bias, or the pro-gay ‘art’ galleries, you have to get private support or you have to fund yourself in the banks like any entrepreneur or entrepreneur Another business. Life costs everyone and there are no free lunches! “

“The old lady (her words) the artist also says she’s not white, she’s Latin American! Of course she’s white, just look at her to confirm her Caucasian ancestry, but if by chance she’s black, would she also deny her color and ethnicity and identify herself as only “Latino American?” The hypocrisy of these people cuts like sharp knives of hatred against a good man, an honest and brave man who almost lost his life for Brazil, a man who was elected democratically, a man who will restore Brazil to the Brazilian people And only for this reason, he is oppressed, slandered and humiliated by these old artists and other distinguished old and new artists who refuse to lose their privileges! 2022.

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