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Maria Vieira on Catarina Furtado: "The Eternal Prize for Inefficiency"

Maria Vieira on Catarina Furtado: “The Eternal Prize for Inefficiency”

CWith a speech without the “ popes in language ” characterizing her Facebook posts, Maria Vieira on the social network shared harsh criticism of Catarina Furtado’s work during an RTP special broadcast about the Oscars.

“I just learned from a friend (…) that during the live hand party, on RTP, Catarina Furtado referred to actor Joaquin Phoenix as ‘Joaquim Fónix’! ” , Contextualizes.

Phonetically, the aforementioned actor’s name will be pronounced in English as “Wakeen Phinix”, but the good thing about Catarina, which has proven itself several times as a “presenter” with serious language difficulties, decided to imitate ZéZé Camarinha and adds that the Portuguese will nickname him ” Joaquim Fónix!

A post made by the actress on her Facebook page© Facebook – Maria Vieira

“I, contrary to what anyone might think, have nothing against Catarina Furtado, what makes me increasingly indignant is the permanent and eternal prize for inefficiency, breach and lack of talent afflicting Portuguese society, especially on televisions that are paid and supported with public money.”, Stampede.

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