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Mariana Patrocinio offers a family lunch but receives criticism: "Catering? Don't you know how to cook?"

Mariana Patrocinio offers a family lunch but receives criticism: “Catering? Don’t you know how to cook?”

This Sunday, November 27, a large part of the Patrocinio clan gathered for a Family lunch🇧🇷 On social networks, there have been many posts by him Caring for Carolina and the rest of the sisters, Ines🇧🇷 Rita or Mariana’s care🇧🇷 And it was up to the latter that the netizen did not fail to point to a file Cash🇧🇷

Celebration of “Thanksgiving” (“Thanksgiving“, in English”), the sister of SIC Mulher presenter and “Fama Show” showed several photos of some family moments, as well as all the preparations for lunch.

On Instagram, Marianna received affection from her many followers, who praised the sweet way it was bringing the family together. However, one follower did not hesitate to face the fact of this I contracted a catering service for said lunch🇧🇷

🇧🇷Why order food to your home?? Don’t know how to cook?it reads in the comments box.

Carolina Patrocinio’s older sister decided to respond and responded “to the letter”:My cousin does the food and no, I don’t know how to make turkeyHe just said.

Carolina Patrocinio shows herself with her daughter in her arms: “classic” I don’t want to go to school “

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