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Maria's widow João Abreu remembers one of his favorite habits

Maria’s widow João Abreu remembers one of his favorite habits

sTwo weeks after the death of Maria João Abreu, João Soares used social media to remember one of the actress’ favorite habits. The widower shared a series of photos in which the artist appeared on the beach sunbathing and in the caption he explained how important these “moments of peace” are.

“Now, as you leave and the days full of light arrive, I think about this. How important these moments of peace were to you. How was the way to recharge the batteries. Renew yourself for life. While I waited by your side, in silence (because it is not a word of prophecy, lest it be distracted Your attention is about that special moment), you decide to get up and take a dip. And there you go. Always, ”he wrote.

“You charged me with the batteries. This renewed my life. You will continue to do that, but in another way, I haven’t discovered yet. I haven’t yet learned to feel. Because you were, and you will always be my sun”, ended.

It must be remembered that Maria João Abreu and João Soares have been married since 2012 and the moments shared by the two on social networks were frequent. After the death of the actress, on the thirteenth of the month, the musician continued to turn to digital platforms to prove his love.

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