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Marie Curie in the country of the flag

Marie Curie in the country of the flag

An illustrated biography by SM Educação provides the design story and starring of one of the greatest scientists of all time

She discovered polonium and radio, was the first woman to earn a PhD in France, won two Nobel prizes and became the most famous scientist on Earth

Maria Sklodowska, later known as Marie Curie, was raised with the conviction that knowledge is the most valuable thing anyone can possess. This is what drives her to strive to achieve her goals throughout her life, even at a time when the academic and scientific environment was predominantly male. “Marie Curie in the country of science”By Irene Cohen Janka and Claudia Palmarucci, he release Give SM Education Turn into Young audience About one of the greatest scholars of all time and her brave history, solidarity and love of science.

Throughout the illustrated biography, the hero’s family and career are narrated with sensitivity, aesthetic subtlety, and historical precision. In addition, the work addresses current, relevant topics, such as the feminine personality, gender bias, determination and resilience in pursuit of goals, solidarity and responsibility towards others.

The illustrations of Claudia Palmarucci, who have worked on a rich work of historical and cultural research, broaden the meanings of verbal text and enrich the context of time, creating multiple layers of reading.

“Marie Curie in the Country of Science” is one of the winning works of the Bologna Ragazzi Prize 2020, one of the most important prizes in the global children and youth market, and will be published in several countries.

About the author and illustrator:

Irene Cohen-Janka was born in Tunis in 1954. She spent her childhood in the country and later moved to France, where she lives. She has a degree in modern literature and works as a librarian and writer. He has published numerous novels and children’s albums since 2000, and has won awards for his work.

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Claudia Palmarucci was born in Tolentino, Italy, in 1985. He studied at the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts, where he teaches, and is a professor at the School of Illustration in Ars in Vapola. With the book the flower (2011), her debut as an illustrator, was chosen by Illustr’arte 2011, and since then, she has illustrated several other books, many of which have been awarded.