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Marina Motta announces her retirement at the age of 61!  – National

Marina Motta announces her retirement at the age of 61! – National

At the age of 61, and 51 years into her artistic career, Marina Motta made a radical decision: In the form of “early” retirement. “In 2023, I stuck to series [‘Flor sem Tempo’, da SIC] To have more time for myself and my family. And because I deserve some peace“, he reveals to TV Guia.

In the face of such a surprising statement, from an actress who has not stopped since she started, it was necessary to ask her why she made this decision. “I am priority! More time to garden, more vacation time. If I feel like leaving the country for a week or two, I will go. One thing I love to do is travel, especially outside of peak season. I free myself more from work to spend time with friends and go to events“, he explains to the same magazine.

When Marina Mota travels, she never does so alone. Do it in good company, with friends. “Everyone has his own time. One of them lives in the Netherlands, loves to travel and has no one to go with. We go together and work things out. My profession does not allow you to set a specific date for vacation. You do fun things with friends, you get some rest, Which is great.“In a year of greater personal calm, we wanted to know what New Year’s Eve would be like:”Quiet, which I like too. I have always been quiet and I will be more and more so. I love my peace. And in 51 years of this, I can’t complain about being unemployed. When I take stock, I don’t remember being unemployed“, highlights Marina Motta, reinforcing the desire to slow down, even though she is preparing to return to fantasy: “It’s been a quieter year, per my request. I also promised myself that, starting at 60, I would balance the scales, because I was coming from behind with a lot of work to do at the same time.“Therefore, in 2024, she is preparing to do only one TV series: after all, Marina Mota will soon start recording the next SIC series, “Mar Aberto”, where she will play the role of Sofía Ribeiro’s mother.”This was indeed the case in “Fascinios”. In addition to her image, Sofia has light and is someone I adore.“, he praises.

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