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Mario Silva after the defeat against Sporting: “Benfica will be the best team in Portugal” – Futsal

Mario Silva after the defeat against Sporting: “Benfica will be the best team in Portugal” – Futsal

Benfica coach’s statements after the defeat against his rival in Luz

After the heavy defeat (1-4) struggled on Saturday in welcoming rival Sporting. Mario Silva, Benfica’s futsal coach, expressed his regret at the lack of effectiveness of his players, but stressed: “This team will be the best in Portugal.” “Firstly, I think we played well at the moment more than these derbies require. People don’t like to hear that, we created more situations with a looming goal, but Sporting had a very simple strategy for this match. They played in ‘He played more directly.’ He did a great job with the dead ball and we were not disciplined in what we were responsible for. This is a strict game. One inch to the side defines it all. This match doesn’t decide anything for me. “You can ask these words at the end of the season and I will be here to put on a smile. This team will be the best in Portugal. I don’t remember any match that, since I have been here, we have created. “There are many situations in front of Sporting’s goal. The rigor and discipline that we have here to be there, which was missing today,” the Reds coach began his speech through the microphones of “Channel 11”, at the end of the match. The match was played in Luz.

Do you think Benfica can still be champion this year?
“This Benfica has a high-quality team, but above all, it has huge potential, not capabilities. Today a child made a mistake and I am ready to buy him every day. It is not because of this mistake that we lost here today. Today we were the best.” Benfica is here to win everything this year.”

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