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Marisa Lees: 'I can't make a decision to expose my children's lives without them being old enough'

Marisa Lees: ‘I can’t make a decision to expose my children’s lives without them being old enough’

Marisa Lees He was the last guest on the podcast Mail versionGive Blitz. In a quiet conversation, the artist talked about her latest single, nuclear waras well as in the way it deals with its general presentation.

“What I do is my work. My personal life is my personal life, which is why it is called my personal […] I don’t like to share my life because it’s no longer mine‘, he started pointing.

The singer, who is a mother of two, highlighted the importance of protecting her family life. “I don’t think I can make the decision, to my children, to expose their lives without them being old enough to make that decision. Maybe it could happen that they get upset because this generation is like this and say: “All my friends are on the Internet and I’m not, there are no records of me” […] I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or not. It is very difficult to be a mother. What I tried to do was have common sense.” compressed.

Then the artist said that the eldest daughter, BeatriceHe has an Instagram page and explains why. “Well, she is already 14 years old [anos]You already want to have her own Instagram. So, it means that she really understands my work, that the photos are going to stay there, and she realizes that there are people who are going to talk about her and she accepts that”And the explained.

For her youngest child, Marisa Liz prefers to keep her privacy. He is eight years old. It is out of the question, in my opinion, for Joao to appear. João has the right to his freedom and his freedom includes deciding which religion he wants to follow, if he wants to follow a religion, if he wants to appear or not, what he will do in life, and who his friends are. I think this freedom should also be polite“, pointed out.

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What I’m trying to talk to is, “You can’t do something just because other people do it. You have to think in your head and realize: Do I need this? Does it make sense to me?” […] Everyone is the way they are, everyone thinks the way they think, I am not the right person or others are wrong, I want my children to think of them and make decisions when they are old and developed enough to do that.”And the accomplishment.

Remember that Beatrice and Joao are the result of the artist’s ending relationship with Thiago Pais Dias.