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Mark Zuckerberg rocks the Apple Vision Pro in the video

Mark Zuckerberg rocks the Apple Vision Pro in the video

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched a direct criticism of Apple's new Vision Pro. In the video, the CEO strongly defends the superior capabilities of Meta Quest 3. The competition between these two brands has just taken new steps, with Zuckerberg pointing out the clear advantages of Quest 3 over its competition.

“After use [Apple Vision Pro]Not only do I think Quest is the best value. I think Quest is the better product, period.” Mark Zuckerberg cooked up the Apple Vision

– Dexerto (@Dexerto) February 14, 2024

The Quest 3 is an excellent choice, according to Zuckerberg

According to Zuckerberg, the Quest 3 offers better value for its price, which is seven times lower than the Vision Pro, but also surpasses it in quality and features. The Meta CEO highlighted several features that put Quest 3 over the top.

We're talking about a more comfortable user experience, without the need for wires, a wider field of view and a brighter screen. Additionally, the Quest 3 features a “sharper” image that contrasts with the motion blur effect seen in the Vision Pro.

Zuckerberg did not stop there. He also mentioned that while the Quest's hand tracking is slightly superior, Apple has done a great job with the Vision Pro's eye tracking. Recognizing the quality of this functionality, Zuckerberg announced the reintroduction of the Quest Pro's eye-tracking sensors in future models.

Zuckerberg's criticisms are not limited to technical specifications. It also discussed the philosophy underlying the market strategies of both companies. He described Meta as an open model, similar to the role of Microsoft/Windows in the computer world.

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The CEO states that this contradicts Apple's closed model. Zuckerberg explains that, in his view, the open model will prevail in the mixed reality space.