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Market: Lameiras was made official by Casa Pia on Thursday

Market: Lameiras was made official by Casa Pia on Thursday

The 29-year-old creative has resigned by mutual agreement with Desportivo de Chavez and will be made official by the Ez on Thursday. He will compete with Thiago Dias, Gaga, Yuki Soma, Quique Silva and Pablo Roberto for a place on the attacking wings.

Step by step, here is the modification to the Casa Pia team, which Pedro Moreira has promised in recent weeks: After Kevin Martin Krygaard and Daniel Azevedo, Ruben Lameras has also committed to the Geese and, as you know, he will be officially presented this Thursday on Friday, in the afternoon.

As happened the previous day with goalkeeper Daniel Azevedo, the Geese received a reinforcement without transfer costs, as the midfielder reached an agreement to terminate his contract with Desportivo de Chavez to sign for a season and a half with Casa Villa and strengthen the attacking midfield. Of the geese, which received the third merger in the reopening of this market.

Remember that Daniel Azevedo has strengthened the goal and Norwegian Kevin Martin Kreegaard has already arrived in Pena Manek's midfield, now joining Ruben Lameras' group which, despite not playing in the first half of the season, is a particular highlight in Terrace -os- Montes – who has just five appearances, all in the league, four of them as a starter – could represent an important integration into the role that the Lisbon crest have been looking to strengthen.

It was part of Casa Pia's plans to add another winger to the squad, to compete with Thiago Dias and Yuki Soma, who deserved priority for Pedro Moreira, as well as Gaga and Quique Silva (who is in the final stage of his recovery from injury). Serious injury), midfielder Pablo Roberto also underwent tests on the wing.

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In this way, Lameras sees the possibility of playing more regularly compared to what happened with Chavez, where he has not been called up to play since November. In this way, the 29-year-old creator has found another solution to his career and is no longer training this morning with the Flavienses team, having traveled to Lisbon to complete the medical examinations and be officially recognized by Casa Pia, something that should happen this Thursday.