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Marriage ended in cheating?  Isabella Cardinale says it all

Marriage ended in cheating? Isabella Cardinale says it all

ISabella Cardinale spoke with Manuel Luis Josha on the afternoon of Monday, October 10, in her first interview after the end of her marriage to Pedro Moreira, which only lasted one month.

Asked whether the end of the marriage was caused by infidelity, the former competitor of “House of Secrets” explained the rumors: “No, no, there was no betrayal. If there was betrayal, it would be easier. I don’t think they suffered much.”

Soon, Isabella listed some of the reasons she justified the breakup. “Basically, there were many, it was work, and the lack of time … We are talking more than a year. The wedding was very important and it was, but it was one day. The problems that existed before the wedding continued. If I had known what I know today, I would have married anyway.”I noticed.

The couple started dating in 2018, when they were both on the TVI reality show. The short marriage took place in July this year.

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