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Casados A Primeira Vista Tiago Jaqueta Dina Guedes

‘Married at first sight’: Thiago Jaqueta admits Dina Guedes: ‘I lied about everything…’

The ‘Married At First Sight’ duo met again at their second engagement party.

Before the couples’ second dinner at Married at First Sight, Thiago Jacetta admitted to Dina Guedes that he “lied about everything.”

Dulce told the other colleagues that the first week of their honeymoon was the most important in a relationship and Dina Guedes remembered what Thiago Jacquetta had said to her in Cape Verde. “One day, someone told me there are trains that pass only once, shoot a competitor”Married at first sight“.

I don’t see any effort on Thiago’s part to win me over, I left the cups at home, maybe I should have brought themThe kindergarten teacher confessed in front of the cameras.

In the first week, which is the week of the honeymoon, it is very important, because if, in that week, this person does not dedicate himself a little to you, does not care about you, everyone will look like he is not worth it anymore.Dolce confirmed.

How do you do that when the first week is really bad?‘ asked Dina. ‘It didn’t have to go wrong!’ Dulce fired.

You lied about everything that’s why we’re not match”, James admitted. The reaction of the bride “As they say in my village, you are really deceiving me.”

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