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Marte um dia foi coberta por água e mapa mostra localização exata

Mars was once covered in water and the map shows the exact location

European Space Agency (ESA) A video clip this week released a video featuring points Mars That would contain traces of water. In the past decade, data has been collected by NASA The European Space Agency itself confirmed that the Red Planet was once abundant in water.

Space agencies are not looking for water, but for traces they may have left. It usually comes in the form of a watery mineral deposit. These, when changed with water, form a kind of slurry.

Close-up studies by Curiosity Rover and Perseverance show that There is a large amount of mud on the surface of Mars. So scientists believe Water can be found on the red planet.

A new map provided by the European Space Agency shows a comprehensive view of where water can be found. However, some scientists point out that there is a general simplification regarding the red planet, which has caused other details to be passed on by researchers.

This is because instead of strangely seeing these traces of water, you should pay close attention to what has not been seen. If Mars had an atmosphere like Earth, it is possible that life could have formed there.

The red planet was rich in life

Studies show that the atmosphere of the red planet was so thin that there is not even a shadow of what Mars once used to be.. Although the planet contains only dust, scientists believe that it once had rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. However, proving what happened to her has always been a huge challenge to science.

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One of the biggest difficulties with the location and confirmation of water on Mars was the inability to obtain sediments and other samples from the planet. In this way, it will be possible to search for possible sources of water hidden under the surface.

The researchers recently published two articles on this topic in the journal Icarus. a first of them A view shows where these minerals were found on the Red Planet. Meanwhile, the secondly It provides a deeper look into the topic, and provides readers with a quantitative view of these minerals.

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