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Marta Cruz's son assaulted after confessing to changing sex – Vervier

Marta Cruz's son assaulted after confessing to changing sex – Vervier

He was tired of the attacks, so he revealed everything on social media.

04/28/2024 • 20 h 50
Carolina Salgado

Noah Cruz, son of Martha Cruz, He has been heavily criticized on social media since his gender change. In order to show his followers a little of the attacks he is subjected to on a daily basis, the grandson of former TV presenter Carlos Cruz revealed one of the comments that stood out to him the most: “A disfigured woman with psychological problems”you read.

The 18-year-old noted that such comments could lead to serious consequences. “I'm not coming here to defend myself, because, frankly, I don't feel the need to. But I would like all the people who are going through something similar or the same process as me, who don't have the opportunity to speak up, to feel seen and heard and supported in some way, And that they go through this process lightly and without being discriminated against, I know this is a dream, but dreams are also achievable.“, he wrote in a “story” on Instagram, which has since disappeared from the “networks.”

“I want to show you a little bit of reality that is a little different from what is usually presented on the social network. Bullying, hate comments and encouragement of violence, of any kind, are a crime. The Internet is neither a land nor a law.”“, to caution.

Finally, he left a question for his followers: “However, I do not come here to 'lecture', nor to make comments on this topic. I would just like to ask a question: Why do the life, body and decisions of a person (who is nothing to you) generate so much revolution and so much hatred?”.

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