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Marta Melrow cries with a message from Ventim

Marta Melrow cries with a message from Ventim

The actress becomes emotional and cries when she hears the message of Paulo Ventim, her partner. That day happened “Two in 10” (TVI). What did the former Strawberries and D’ZRT member say to Marta Melrowe?

Marta Millero was touched by a message from her partner, Paulo Ventim

On “Two at 10” (TVI) this Tuesday, Marta Blackbeard She was surprised by a message from her partner, Paulo Ventim, that left her in tears. The actress is clearly moved once she hears words of praise from the father of their daughter.

“My love, see… today I was the one taking care of Aurora🇧🇷 You usually do, because I go back and forth. And we’re kidding here and she’s laughing at me now. Aurora, I don’t know if you want to say something to your mother?! I started by telling the artist.

And while listening Paolo VentimThere are pictures of him with their daughter, Aurora, who was born last August.

Paulo Ventem continues: “…you are a great mother. You have been following your instincts since the beginning. And just look at her to know that she is doing well and continues to grow healthy, friendly, smiling and in a good mood. A very big kiss and… I love you so much!”

with this letter, Marta She cries and says, “I’m a little out of control.” He also reveals that it was an “amazing” but difficult process. Still, she and her partner, in that initial 15 days of their daughter’s birth, had fun even with the shit they did.

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