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Marta Melrow: “I’m back to ask my friends to take some pictures when I’m more composed”

Marta Melrow: “I’m back to ask my friends to take some pictures when I’m more composed”

It was a week ago Marta Blackbeard I realized The end of your love affair with Paolo Ventim. The two have been separated for some time, and they have a daughter together, AuroraClose to completing one year.

Since the news was shared with fans of the couple, both of them have received support from their followers (although at first, The singer has been accused of ending the relationship).

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However, Marta Melrow continued to be very active on social networks, showing that, despite the breakup, the actress managed to stay. positive and happy.

Proof of this is her latest Instagram post, where she also left a “note” about how she wants to continue to show herself to everyone who follows her.

For the past 10 months my phone’s camera roll has been filled with photos and videos of my daughter (bet I’m not the only one)’ he began saying, even before presenting his ‘change’.

(…) There always seems to be one thing or the other about me being half disheveled. However, I’m back to ask friends to grab the phone and take some pictures when I’m more composed“, Certain. “Aurora will still dominate my camera roll, but I promise myself I’ll look cute and take more pictures of myself.said the actress.

Many followers ended up interpreting this post by the actress as a nod to her current stage, and once again, they filled the comment box with praise.

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Although we are mothers, we are still women and we can never forget that. I hope to see more pictures of yousaid a netizen.

My mother always said to me, “You didn’t stop being a woman when you became a mother!” This is the worst mistake we women can make!They shot another follower.

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