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Martha Louise from Norway announces: "I feel at home next to you" - News

Martha Louise from Norway announces: “I feel at home next to you” – News

Princess Märtha Louise’s friend, shaman Doric Ferrett, blew out the candles on her 48th birthday this Wednesday and received a romantic declaration of love from her companion.

“Today is someone very special birthday. Happy birthday! You are such a shining light in the world, my love! And definitely a shining star in my life! You have been here for me and for us through good times and bad. In the deepest valleys and cheering me up with every adventure you have space Me and my daughters.You are always here to make me laugh and make space for any other passion I feel at home by your side and with ease to celebrate many birthdays with you my darling he began to write.

He concluded, “I love your privacy, your wisdom, your different ways of seeing the world, your expansions, your constant focus on evolving and growing as a human being. I love your sense of humor and your crazy creativity. I love how you cook and grow as a human being. Your spirituality. You are amazing and you inspire me every day. Happy birthday ya.” My love “.

Remember, Martha Louise and Doric Ferrett have been dating for several years and share between Oslo and Los Angeles, where the shaman lives.

The princess of Norway was married to Ari Behn between 2002 and 2017, with whom she has two daughters. In December 2020, the writer ended his life. He was 47 years old.

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