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Martim Souza Tavares assumes: "I've experienced bullying and depression"

Martim Souza Tavares assumes: “I’ve experienced bullying and depression”

Son of journalist Miguel Souza Tavares, the jury in idols Martim Souza Tavares I’ve always known what it was like to live in the midst of a greater public exposure, but I’ve admitted recently that he doesn’t always handle the fallout well.

In an interview with TV moreAnd while the maestro himself is also going through a phase where he starts writing his name more and commenting on him, when he takes a prominent position in the SIC talent competition, Martim remembers some of his childhood, and the way he molded himself to confront those who love to hurt him.

I’ve already gained a certain crust from growing with a lot of exposurehe began by revealing in an interview with the same magazine.I already know where the most toxic things come from, everything a social media comment box to me doesn’t exist. I don’t take anything from there, whether it’s good or bad‘, justified.

Although now feeling ready to confront what they might say or write, Martim de Sousa Tavares revealed that he was not always able to act this way:I have a certain ability because I grew up in situations where I was bullied and depressed. In terms of media exposure, I already have a school“, He confessed.

“I say ‘no’ without fear, but I am not cruel” – Martim Souza Tavares admitted as Ídolos’ “worst juror”

The juror, who can now be seen on Saturday nights on SIC, along Joanna MarquezAnd Anna BacalhoAnd Pedro Tatankapresumably might be one of the elements of the jury most feared by the candidates, because he leaves nothing for nothing, and because he is so direct in his utterances.

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They were happy, but there was no reason not to.”, the maestro commented, regarding the way his parents, Miguel Souza Tavares and Lorinda Alves react to their new adventure with idols.

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