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Martin Hirsch leaves office: What rating is AP-HP’s boss?

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The sensible mirror screwed into his nose made Martin Hirsch look like a classmate. The iconic but competitive boss of Paris Public Aid Hospitals (AP-HP), the spokesman’s son will step down at the end of June, as a public hospital is embroiled in an unprecedented crisis. At the dawn of the Govt-19 wave, the health care system was about to be wiped out, he promised, “a different kind of hospital than ever before, closer to our expectations and our ambitions for all.”

Officially, Martin Hirsch, 58, announced his departure from the Colossus. Health system, It employs more than 100,000 people and runs 38 hospitals. He has been its Managing Director since 2013. When he left, his balance sheet was mixed, while companies were running on time and facing economic and systemic crisis. Nicholas Revel as chairman of AP-HP is one of his favorite

And the former CEO of Jean Castex in Matignon will cut his job because the statistics are staggering. As of early May 2022, 1,400 nursing positions were still vacant. 10 to 20% covered beds. With this, 30% of the operation theaters are paralyzed. Overcrowded hospitals, burgeoning medical deserts, “meaningless loss of business” for staff, emergency services on the brink of eruption: the health system’s wounds are green at the end of more than two years of epidemics, which have hurt caregivers.

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L’Express underscores Djillali Annane, head of the hospital’s intensive care unit, “The current state of the AP-HP is critical from all perspectives. The health professional did not place this heavy burden on Martin Hirsch’s shoulders alone. But some of these colleagues show very clear reactions: “He is a real killer. He has sped up the processes already underway at the General Hospital “, comments, Acid, Christophe Prud’homme, Emergency Physician at Samu 93 and the Federation of Health and Social Action responsible for the CGT.

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Martin Hirsch “can no longer create change”

“After nine years of command, he leaves the ship before it sinks,” said Marion Malbetus, a physician in the Department of Immunology at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris. In May, the team of doctors released The Echo A vitrolic site that denounces its “catastrophic balance sheet” and lists the “degraded” budget situation or glamor in half mast. Is it the right time to leave AP-HP when the boat sinks? “Yes, it’s time. Intensive care unit at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital.

For many, the head of Europe’s largest university hospital is the face of savings and reorganization of working hours. Led in 2015 35-hour reform in AP-HP, Received repeated strikes at that time. “It hides what they put on the wall: no recruitment. The 35-hour RTT created, the rest of the day, is not offset by recruitment,” the joint venture of experts at the Tribune expands. Echo. In addition, many of the hospital projects he relaunched are yet to be completed, much like the new Hotel-Du expected in early 2020.

What is the President’s vision for “how will health be in 2030”?

Most recently, La Collégiale Geriatric Hospital was temporarily closed at the end of May, sparking incomprehension among staff who opposed the administration’s decision. “It is a small hospital with no toilets or bathrooms in the rooms. […]Half occupation “, Martin Hirsch justified, saying he” wanted to concentrate troops and patients in neighboring hospitals. ”

In managing the epidemic, Martin Hirsch was able to show another face. The newspaper recalled that he did not hesitate to set up a camping bed in his office on crisis nights Echo. “The hospital knows how to react to crises, but it pays the price after that,” he said in a lengthy interview with L’Express in November 2021, adding that reforms needed to continue. On the aspect of the health crisis, Digilali Anne retained the bitter taste: “As far as the management of Govt-19 is concerned, I think we could have done better overall.”

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At the top of the state, Martin Hirsch was not unanimous either. According to several government sources, he had a bad relationship with the executive, and he was constantly angered by positions that were sometimes considered harsh or too cautious. When asked about the departure of AP-HP’s boss, the new Minister of Health in Vienna, Brigitte Borginen, “welcomed the work he has done over the years for public service.”

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Admittedly, health experts expect changes from Martin Hirsch’s successor, but there are still many expectations regarding the executive. “We are deeply missing the President’s vision of what health will be like in 2030,” concludes Dijilali Annen.


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