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Marvel’s first open-world action RPG opens pre-registration

a Netmarble CompanyAnd the publisher Global mobile games, and Marvel Entertainment, announces the opening of global pre-registration for Marvel Future Revolution.
Starring a cast of world-famous characters, featuring an original story and AAA-quality 3D graphics, Marvel Future Revolution It takes players into a beautiful open world filled with high stakes action as they act on the front lines to defend and save the universe!

the story

Marvel Future Revolution It begins when multiple planets of Earth converge in the multiverse to form a brand-new “core Earth”, filled with unique areas and quests to explore, such as the high-tech city of New Stark, the dangerous Empire of Hydra, the wild and rugged Sakar, and much more.

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As agents of the newly formed “Omega Flight” superhero team, players will work together to fight off an onslaught of supervillains and defend Essential Earth from an endless series of threats.

the team

Eight playable superheroes, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord and Storm, will be outfitted with a wide variety of iconic costumes from across the Marvel Universe, with a massive selection of fashion. Over 400 million fantasy combinations for each hero to choose from.

“Partnering with global intellectual property like Marvel has allowed us to design unparalleled mobile gaming experiences over the years, and Marvel Future Revolution It will take fans of the franchise to a whole new level,” he says. Simon Sim, President of Netmarble US. “The game promises a fun and immersive experience for Marvel fans and casual mobile gamers, offering unique RPG gameplay at scale.”

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Omega war mode. (Photo: Reproduction/

With the Squad system, players will have the opportunity to level up and play with new characters in Marvel Future Revolution. They will also be able to showcase their superhero skills in PvP (player vs. player) modes, ranging from 1 vs 1 to 10 vs 10 among high-ranking players. As they progress, multiplayer content is unlocked, including Blitz, Special Operation, Raids, and more modes.

“From the shimmering towers of New Stark to the mysterious alleys of the Hydra Empire, players around the world will be in awe of the sweeping vistas that await them to explore the open world created by our friends at Netmarble,” says Bill Roseman, Vice-A. Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Games.

“Whether you fly through the sky as Storm or blast through enemies like Captain America, players can live out their superhero dreams on an unprecedented scale, filled with the action, drama, humor and fun that fans have come to expect from Marvel.”

“Our ongoing partnership with Netmarble has allowed us to seamlessly bring the vast worlds, exciting characters and fan-favorite stories of the Marvel Universe to mobile game players,” said Danny Ko, Director of Product Development at Marvel Games. “We are excited to bring this revolutionary game to mobile devices for fans around the world and can’t wait for everyone to try it!”

Where to watch the gameplay in the game

Fans can watch the game’s world premiere live today at 9:00 PM EST via Marvel profiles at YoutubeAnd the TwitterAnd the Facebook social networking site e Twitch.

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Marvel Future Revolution It will be available for iOS and Android devices as a free game in the second half of this year. Global pre-registration is now open at App Store Nor google apps. Promise to join the Omega Journey now to receive a variety of launch rewards.