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Mass death: - I've never seen anything like it

Mass death: – I’ve never seen anything like it

He described the incident as an “unexpected mass death” and prompted researchers to sound the alarm.

This winter, large numbers of dead manatees, perhaps better known as manatees, begin to wash up on the beach in Florida. The most disturbing cause was the presumed cause of death:


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– crisis

Many of the dead manatees were actually very emaciated, causing the experts’ warning lights to flash.

Now the prevailing theory is that the researchers’ horror scenario has become real, Scriver The Washington Post.

– We’ve never seen anything like this before. I think it is perfectly justified to call this crisis a crisis. It’s no exaggeration to see hundreds of manatees dying in this way, says Jacqueline Lopez, director of the nonprofit, Center for Biological Diversity, which works to protect endangered species.

The numbers of dead manatees are staggering.

This year alone, no less than 761 dead manatees have been recorded. That’s up to ten percent of Florida’s estimated population, and projections suggest that more than 1,000 manatees could die this year—at least. In this case, the dismal record, of 824 deaths recorded in 2018, will certainly be indicative of autumn.

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I found a possible cause

It is believed that the cause is indirect contamination.

Manatees feed mainly on seaweed, but as a result of pollution in the waters around Florida, more and more of these plants are disappearing.

According to the Washington Post, nearly all seagrass has disappeared, especially around one area where many manatees live and reside.

This is bad news for manatees — and possibly other animal species.

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The manatee is a species known as the “keeper”. One canary, if you will.

In the past, the Canaries were taken to the mines, and if miners saw the bird, there was danger. Because if the ‘guardian’ species is affected by something, other animals will also be affected later.