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Masterchef's Vitor Sobral crushes former employee Lyubomir Stanisic: 'We don't have to treat people badly' - National

Masterchef’s Vitor Sobral crushes former employee Lyubomir Stanisic: ‘We don’t have to treat people badly’ – National

Without mentioning the name of the cook who came from the East, who was already his employee at Cervejaria Lusitana and with whom he cut ties, Vitor Sobral was very critical. “This competition aims to appreciate people and their emotional aspects and appreciate what is Portuguese. Too often myths are created regarding the kitchen. We, in the kitchen, treat people well,” he explained, “we are not bad-polite, neither with the staff nor with Customers. The attitude of the leader in the kitchen should be constructive, not destructive,” he says, in comments reported by TV Guia magazine.

“We applaud the people and always do it in a constructive spirit. The past few times have been tough and the cooking class didn’t give the best picture. [aludindo ao episódio da polémica greve de fome em que Ljubomir participou]For the public and for the press. We went through hard times and did things that had nothing to do with us. And this MasterChef proves that we can correct people in a positive way. ”

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Yes, chef! With Vitor Sobral

against screaming

After being asked directly by TV Guia, Vitor Sobral downplayed the impact of his speech: “We were interested in showing that chefs are human, and love to teach,” he said, explaining how they would run the MasterChef kitchen without shouting, but always with tension: “That doesn’t mean we should to treat people poorly,” he says. “My words were not directed at Chef Lyubomir or Hell’s Kitchen, there was no intention,” he explains, but the message appears to have been received.

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With no official presenter, the RTP1 format will be shown in the kitchens of the studio, and outside, in the presence of chef and judge Vitor Sobral, 54, a pillar of Tasca da Esquina, at Campo de Ourique, Lisbon; Marlene Vieira, 40, the face of Zonzom Gastrobar, in Jardim de Tabacco, also in the capital; and Oscar Gidas, 44, one of the guides at the Michelin-starred Bragantino G Pousada.

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