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Mata and McDonalds.  Network rage: Blush rebellion

Mata and McDonalds. Network rage: Blush rebellion

Michał “Mata” begins collaboration with Matczak McDonald’s. The rapper’s decision to promote the big fastfood chain met with an enthusiastic response from Twitter users.

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Soon, a special collection, approved by the son of Marcin Matzok, will appear in American chain restaurants.

The fact that Rapper will be working with an international fastfood chain sparked a wave of comments from Twitter users.

Reaction of Internet users

McDonald’s Advertising Boy. A generation of silk rebellion.

Voice of the Generation: Fuck Pies, buy a hamburger because I don’t have enough for a melo. This is an excellent summary of the intellectual level of the entire opposition. PS McDonald’s is a giant planet destroyer. Mata has added another brick to burn it.

I travel the subway, eat at Zbawix, and I see that the mother generation is the generation of the weak. Frightened, skinny skinny men with little self-confidence, screaming and hysterical. The rebellious mata fits all perfectly with this French frying advertising deal. McBund and helmet.

I was able to guess that Mata would sign an advertising contract (although Taco was not). But is he promoting a triple cheese burger ?? In a country with a major problem with childhood obesity, do people eat twice as much meat and does its reproduction destroy the planet? This caused an embarrassment.

Rapuś Mata promotes McDonald’s restaurants. If he is still rebellious, he may work on the Dublo block advertising campaign.

Will rapper Mata use her dad’s picture in a McDonald’s ad? We deserve a brilliant PR.

In any case, the old Metsak as the creator of the Free product. The mat will be useful. Since this awfulness is controlled by the old pastor, the possibility of a younger rebellion is only awful.

Mata became McDonald’s face. Can a young rapper fall down?

The voice of a generation of rebellion is Sratadamata. It went fast

He was supposed to be a controversial rapper, and it ended with a whole new set of kids. Everything is going to break

The son of a lawyer who has to come up with a nickname that promotes fast food is the “voice of the younger generation” and the “rebel”.