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Mata at McDonald's.  How much will the rapper Mata get for her kit?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Mata at McDonald’s. How much will the rapper Mata get for her kit? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

In the wave of popularity of the new kit available at McDonald’s, many began to wonder about the reward Mata would receive. I’m talking about a large sum.

One that McDonald chose

Mika “Mata” Matsak is one of the most popular Polish rappers today. Known from the song “Patointeligencja”, the rapper will work with McDonald’s fast food. Thus, he will join the small group of “choices”. Among the few celebrities who collaborated with the Giants was Michael Jordan.

Is the West worth it?

Mata’s rapper set was a hit at McDonald’s restaurants. If you use coupons in the app, this “party” will cost 18 slots. The set of mats includes the following: Three Cheese Burgers, Medium Fry and Vanilla Mats Late. The introduction was a huge success. The set of mats will already sell a large number of copies. People from the show business world have been criticized for promoting unhealthy foods, accusing you of contributing to obesity.

Let’s talk and fund

That’s not surprising – how much does Mata earn? “Innpoland” will provide information calculated by experts. Estimated The amount for cooperation will be at least one million slots. Olivia Trost, managing partner of Spotlight Agency, said:

I estimate the pay to be at least six zeros because these talented artists do not accept much collaboration and the uniqueness in identifying them with the brand is of added value

As a reminder, this package can be purchased from Monday, October 18th. In terms of popularity, it’s like winning Travel’s burger?

Is the lumberjack’s burger back? When will winter come to McDonald’s?

The hot days seem to be gone forever. We are already thinking about warm clothes and autumn / winter foods. So back to the memories of the “famous” Travel Burger at McDonald’s. When will the sandwich be served again?

He could, instead of Mata, keep his set at McDonald’s. However, it will reject the offer of cooperation

Mother is not the only one who has the opportunity to cooperate with McDonald’s. Earlier in the restaurant, he offered this proposal to another music star, but according to one website he refuses to participate in the ad. Who will drop their own set on the Mac?

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