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Mateus Nunes and ‘the boys’ deserve Manchester City’s full advantage in the Champions League

Mateus Nunes and ‘the boys’ deserve Manchester City’s full advantage in the Champions League

Hey At the end of this afternoon, Wednesday, Manchester City completed the number of victories in the group stage of the Champions League, by visiting and defeating Red Star 2-3, at the Rajko Mitic Stadium, in a match for sixth and fourth place. the last day.

With qualification to the Round of 16 assured, Pep Guardiola took the opportunity to give minutes to some of the less-used players in the squad, including Mateus Nunes, who made the most of it.

The Portugal international played a brilliant first half, putting the ‘icing on the cake’ after 19 minutes He left the ball at the feet of 20-year-old debutant Micah Hamilton, who scored the goalin Belgrade.

In the second half, it was time Another “kid” (in this case, Oscar Pope) does his thing, after some pretty individual initiative. The home team responded, in the 76th minute, through Hwang In-beom.

In 85 minutes. Lewis Hamilton did it again and won a penalty, which Kalvin Phillips took responsibility for converting. The last goal came in stoppage time as a result of an imperial header from Aleksandar Katai.

Taking all things into account, with this victory, Manchester City now has 18 points out of a possible 18, and ends up at the top of Group G, followed by Leipzig (who also leads), with 12 points, and Young Boys (who ””). It is located in the European League, with four, and Red Star, with one).


red star: Glazer Nedeljkovic, Dragovic, Dzija, Spajic; Mijajlovic, Kanga, Hwang; Bockarie, Olayinka Ndiaye.

Manchester City: Ortega. Lewis, Stones, Akanji, Gomez; Filips, Kovacic, Mateus Nunes; Hamilton, Grealish and Pope.

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Red Star and Manchester City, late Wednesday afternoon, exited the group stage of the Champions League, knowing in advance that no matter what happens, nothing will change the fate of each of them regarding this competition.

At the beginning of the sixth and final round, the team of Portuguese international players Ruben Dias, Mateus Nunes and Bernardo Silva independently leads Group Seven, with 15 points, six points behind Leipzig, which is hosting Young Boys at the same time.

On the other hand, the Serbian team occupies fourth and last place, with one point out of a possible 15 points, that is, three points less than the Swiss team, which suffers from a disadvantage in direct confrontation, which means that it can no longer even “dream” about the European League. .

The match between Red Star and Manchester City will be held at Stadion Rajko Mitic in Belgrade, and will be officiated by Azerbaijani referee Aliya Aghayev. You can watch it live from 5:45 pm (Portugal time), on Sports per minute.

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