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Mateus Oliveira is no longer in Varence and has a long list of suitors ::

Mateus Oliveira is no longer in Varence and has a long list of suitors ::

Contract Matthews Oliveira With Farense ends on June 30th Zero zero He knows that the left-footed player will not last at Sao Luis.

At 29 years old, Matthews is going through one of the best phases of his career and his list of suitors is already long. The level of distinction offered at 24/25 will be awarded in the coming weeks.

Matthews Oliveira
3 official titles

Undisputed in Jose Mota Jr.'s historical choices Pepito He played 37 official matches and scored seven goals – numbers that had never been recorded before in his career.

In the Regularity award In La Liga, Matheus finished in the top 20 midfielders (average 5.87) and at Farense he is only bettered by goals from goalkeeper Ricardo Filho and striker Bruno Duarte.

Sampdoria sought a lot in January, led by Andrea Pirlo. As we wroteMatthaus remains highly sought after at Genoa.

However, the number of interested parties has increased significantly. In recent days, the athlete's representatives have received questionnaires from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and China, and all invitations are currently being analyzed.

The course in Faro finished beautifully, as it was a key part of a 10th place finish in the championship. This is followed by a new challenge that will be determined soon. Before Farense, Matheus played for Estoril Praia, Sporting, Vitoria and Mafra in Portugal.

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