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Matic explains his absence from Rennes: “Because of my mistake…”

Matic explains his absence from Rennes: “Because of my mistake…”

Serbian football player Nemanja Matic explained on Thursday evening that Rennes' absence from work during the past three days was due to family problems, specifically with his children enrolling in the international school they always attended.

The former Benfica player admitted his “mistake” in mixing aspects of his private life with his professional team, confirming that he will appear before Rennes on Friday, to resolve all matters with the club.

«Dear fans. I want to end any speculation and say that last summer I was honored by an invitation from Rennes to be an important part of an ambitious project that needed a player with my characteristics and experience. After six months at the club, I can only confirm that our club has become an exceptional club for all players, especially the young ones.”

“Unfortunately, through my fault, I was unable to adapt my private affairs to professional matters. I was unable to enroll my children in the international school they had attended since the beginning of their studies. That's why I've been away for the past three days, trying to solve this big problem for me and my family tomorrow [sexta-feira] “I will return to Rennes where I will decide the next steps with the club.”

Matic did not attend training this week, and the French press even reported that the player had an agreement with Lyon, and Rennes responded in a statement, Thursday, to the athlete’s absence, speaking in “Incomprehensible behavior”now justified by the player.