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Matilda Brenner shows a photo with her late daughter and remembers the devastating loss

Matilda Brenner shows a photo with her late daughter and remembers the devastating loss

WSince “October is Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Month,” Matilda Brenner decided to remind her followers of the significant loss she suffered last year.

The actress suffered a miscarriage in June 2022, and took to Instagram to talk about her daughter, Zoe.

Showing for the first time a photo in which he appears with the girl – who died during pregnancy – on his lap, he began by saying on Sunday, October 8: “I will always highlight this month, not only because of the topic, but also.” Also because Today was the exact day of Zoe’s birthday. I find it difficult to write about topics that fill my head with words and my heart with feelings. How do you choose the right words when there’s so much to say?

“Since announcing my pregnancy for the second time, I have received countless messages asking how to deal with pregnancy after loss, and I still don’t have an answer. The truth is that with each passing day, I became more attached to the idea that we would hold our daughter in our arms. With each passing day this becomes more true. Every consultation is a step won“, he said, talking about this current pregnancy.

“It took me some time to enjoy this pregnancy, to form a relationship with the baby and accept the fact that everything is going well, and that I can dream of the day I was born. But no day goes by like this. It doesn’t make me happy.” Remembering my first daughterHe added, “It’s impossible not to make comparisons between pregnancies. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about it.”

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“When we announced I was pregnant again, in almost everything that was written, they said we were expecting our first child. It costs a lot to read this book. It really does cost a lot. I think this is a reflection of how pregnancy and loss is still an issue that needs to be explored and demystified.” “I’m speaking for myself, but I think most empty nest parents share the same opinion. I love being asked questions about Zoe. I love talking about her. I miss her… because our kids were there.”

“Zoe was and will remain our first daughter, and talking about her will always be a reason for joy.”He also mentioned.

Regarding the photo, Matilda Brenner admitted that she “thought a lot about sharing the photo” in which she appears with her late daughter on her lap. “But if the main goal of this post is to raise awareness about this topic, then a picture should be as powerful as words.”

It must be remembered that Zoe and the girl about to be born are the result of Matilda Brenner’s marriage to Thiago Felizardo.

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