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Matt Cardona comments on 'not returning' to WWE

Matt Cardona comments on 'not returning' to WWE

Matt Cardona had a great career in WWE, lasting over a decade, where he was known as Zack Ryder and won a few titles.

Since Chelsea Greene's return to WWE, there has been a lot of speculation about Matt Cardona's potential return, which has not happened yet.

In an Insight interview with Chris VanVleet, the fighter commented on the fact that he has not yet been contacted by WWE about returning to the company.

I'll be honest, when all these people were rehired, I was thinking, and wasn't I? The fighter who did it all [no circuito independente]? What is the prerequisite to being reset without doing anything?

With the exception of Chelsea Green, the Good Brothers, and a few others, most people didn't do anything, but that's okay. Everyone has a different path, a different story.

Do you have a problem with that? I wouldn't say a problem, a small matter. But it's not about proving people wrong. This is about proving myself right. My fans are right.

If you can convert some doubters and gain new fans along the way, so be it. But I can make this goal of being the best through passive leadership, if that makes sense.

Would you like Matt Cardona to return to WWE?

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